Whatever you publish, whether on paper or electronically, you’ll want to be sure that the content is expressed clearly and accurately, and that it is appropriate for the people who are going to read it.

Two levels of service are provided depending on your needs.


This is the basic level of review that generally involves:

  • checking spelling, grammar, punctuation and layout.
  • pointing out inconsistencies.
  • querying anything that seems unclear.


This is intended to enhance the overall quality of the work and is likely to include:

  • some rewriting to improve coherence, readability and flow ensuring that the content follows the client's in-house style and is suited to its target audience.
  • checking for consistency, accuracy, contradictions and ambiguity.
  • formatting structural elements such as headings, sections, footnotes, references and lists. 
  • the potential for more in-depth, substantive editing where a high level of subject matter expertise is needed.
  • close liaison with the client to ensure that the content remains consistent with the writer’s intentions.

Pricing available on application, but will always be fair and competitive.